Watch Parties

The church isn’t a place, it’s a people. Gathering together with others is something we were made to do, we are communal in our very nature. While the current climate hasn’t allowed us to gather in large numbers at campuses, the time has come for us to start gathering again, just in small groups. The mission hasn’t changed, but the methods are adapting to allow us to start gathering in venues that value relationships while also creating a safe environment. So, rather than coming to a centralized place to worship in large groups, we are going to be Mountain Everywhere through Watch Parties in small groups, one of which will be in your neighborhood. Where? Well, how about at your house? Anyone can HOST a watch party. Yes, anyone.

Here is what it takes…

  • H - Heart for People.
  • O - Open your home.
  • S - Serve a Snack.
  • T - Tell your friends and family to come worship with you.

Does that sound too simple? It’s as easy as bringing people together and pressing play. If you are willing and wanting to host a watch party, we will resource you with all of the supplies you need. Just sign up, pick a time and place to worship and press play on the link we will send you.

Are you ready to worship together? Sign up now!

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