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How to Stop Living a Lie

We are at war. Not with a foreign government or domestic terrorists or a creepy new artificial intelligence. No, it’s a war we feel deep inside our own chests: we are at war with lies. The problem isn’t so much that we tell lies but that we live them. We let them in, and they sabotage our peace. Do you

At The Movies 2023

Movies are coming to life at Mountain! Experience your favorite films in a whole new way. Put yourself in the picture – find truth in your favorite films during At The Movies*, only at Mountain Christian Church! Come to a campus in-person or watch online for a new movie each week. Bring a friend or watch it together online!

Easter 2023

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Rock Your World

Let’s admit it: some prayers are lame. They lack faith and heart and there’s no power or punch. They don’t change anything or anyone. But Jesus prayed in a way that rocked the world. He connected his heart with the Father in a way that was risky, radical and real. You and I can pray EXACTLY the same way Jesus

What Could Change Everything

The world around us seems to be obsessed with ranking and who is better than who. We are constantly measuring and comparing and arguing about who or what is greater. But what if the definition of greatness was not even close to what we thought? What if the one ingredient that could change everything was actually not about greatness at

Weeds in My Garden

It’s time to be honest about mental health. A whole lot of us are struggling. We may be showing roses but we all have weeds in our garden. We will talk about suicide and self-harm, worry and anxiety, stress and burnout, and depression. Everybody is either struggling with some of this stuff or knows someone who is. Jesus cares and

Renewal | Growing in Wisdom

How can you grow in Wisdom? What even is wisdom? Jesus came as a baby and lived out a ministry once he grew, but the years he lived in between give us a unique roadmap to the best kind of life. Join Young Adults Pastor, Gil Shelsby as he walks us through the example of Jesus in Luke 2 to discover how WE also can grow in Wisdom.

Behind the Scenes Christmas

What if we looked at Christmas from a different perspective? Lifting our gaze from the earthly point of view to a cosmic perspective reveals how God was at work behind the scenes back then -- and how we can trust God who is at work behind the scenes right now. Behind the scenes that show us a tiny infant in

Give Thanks in All Circumstances

No matter what challenge or circumstances Paul found himself in, he had joy, gratitude and thanksgiving. How can that be? Well, Paul had experienced the love of Jesus and that transformed the way he viewed everything, meaning that even in the toughest of circumstances he can be overcome with gratitude towards God. That kind of joy represents a life marked