Welcome home

We’re all looking for a place to call home. Somewhere you can fit in and feel like, “This is family, where I belong.” God’s dream is that we would find that with him and each other. Mountain is that kind of place for many already, and we’re open wide to anyone seeking to belong. 

Like every family, there are some mantras that give Mountain its unique personality and character:

Mission First

Everything we do comes back to one simple purpose: making MORE and BETTER disciples of Jesus. 

This is for Everyone 

...Well, everyone except “perfect” people. Perfect people won’t fit in well around here. And we don’t care much for labels other than the ones God gives us: beloved sons and daughters, friends, ambassadors, brothers and sisters, heirs of God’s promises, free, forgiven… and many more!

Stay Humble, Stay Hungry

God gets the credit for anything good that results from Mountain’s ministry. And while the past has been fruitful, we’re hungry and expectant for God to continue his work here.

Broken People Helping Broken People

Life can be hard; sometimes it is tough to know where to turn. Mountain is a community full of people ready to support one another through life’s toughest challenges. We’re just imperfect people searching for answers in Jesus.

We Love Kids

Kids and students aren’t just the next big thing; they’re a BIG DEAL right now. Jesus welcomed kids, and so do we. Jesus noticed kids, and so do we. Jesus blessed kids, and we try to create every opportunity we can to bless and encourage and invest in the lives of kids and students – in the community and around the world.

Unity Really Matters

We strive for unity among Christ-followers and choose not to be divided by man-made traditions and “rules.” We believe all people are created in God’s image regardless of color, class, or creed, no matter the baggage or background.

It’s About Jesus

The best thing we can do is get out of the way so people can see, hear, know, and love Jesus. This is his church, and we’re trying to make everything we do Jesus-shaped.

next steps


Life is better in community. Find a group to join at a campus, online or at a home. 



Give of your talent and time in service. Be a blessing, serve at the church, locally in the community, or globally.


New Here?

We are glad you’re here and we hope you feel right at home! So, what’s next?