Young Adults

(18-25 year olds)

"Join our 'BAND'"
Young Adulthood is a complex, pressure-filled stage of life as we figure out our community, vocation, identity, and purpose. In many ways, these are the years when we become who we are going to be for the rest of our lives. The pressure of these years means we experience the highest highs and the lowest lows of life! No matter where you are coming from, Mountain Young Adults is a space where we can belong, find meaningful relationships, be real about life, and be invited to walk in the way of Jesus together.

Young Adults Events

Young Adults Night | Fall Kick-Off

September 8 | Join Young Adults for a night of food, community, worship and hangs. 


Young Adults Groups

Authentic and missional community. A place where it's safe to be yourself and be challenged to grow and be more like Jesus. Join a Young Adults Group today!


Young Adults | June House Party

June 23 | House Parties are an awesome way to meet new people, build community, and hang out in a low-key, fun environment.


Young Adults | Summer Weekend

June 2-4 | Join the Young Adults for a 3-day weekend retreat!