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Mid-Size Groups | The Book of Mark

If you like the idea of gathering with other people for Bible study at one of our four campuses, and you like the idea of being able to jump in at any time, the mid-size group option is for you.

This spring, we will meet weekly starting the week of January 20 through the week of May 12 to study the Book of Mark.

Many scholars believe that the information in the Book of Mark was written only a generation after Jesus’ life on earth. Many people who knew Jesus and heard his teaching were still alive. They could vouch for the truth of what Mark wrote.

Some believe that Mark’s home may have been a meeting place for Jesus and his disciples. For that reason, Mark may have been an eyewitness to some major events such as the Last Supper.

The gospel of Mark is an action-packed narrative of Jesus’ life and ministry. Mark emphasizes Jesus’ power over creation, evil, religious leaders, and other forces which would have been encouraging to the people he was writing to. In this study, we’ll have the opportunity to understand this historical audience. We’ll learn more about Jesus’ own life and what he claimed about himself, as well as explore the claim he makes on our lives.


  • Study cost $5 
  • Childcare costs for the last 9 weeks of study (week of March 24-week of May 19); One child $63; Two or more children $90