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Weddings are a joy-filled event. It is a privilege and pleasure to participate in the process and celebration of a beautiful wedding. It is an even greater honor to support and encourage marriages in which two people are committing to love, honor and serve one another for a lifetime. At Mountain we care deeply about healthy, Christ-centered marriages because healthy marriages are critical to Jesus’ mission to make disciples. In marriage we’re called to grow as disciples, practice Christ-like love, and are challenged to be disciple-makers: teaming up with another person for the sake of the mission of the Church. 


Before we can consider your request to utilize a Mountain officiant or facility, we ask you to complete the Wedding Request Information forms (button below) and return them to the church office, or email them to The information you provide is considered confidential. 

Upon receipt of your completed forms, Mountain’s Wedding Coordinator will examine your request and respond as soon as possible. We will then arrange an interview with you to determine if it is possible for Mountain to accommodate your request. Following the interview, you will receive a notification of this decision.


Onsite fee - $800
Offsite fee- $600 (*additional fees may be added for travel over 1.5 hrs from the Mountain Road campus)

*Please wait to submit ceremony payments until completing Mountain's wedding process and receiving confirmation.


We believe Christian marriage is an incredible reflection of Christ’s love and sacrifice for the church and witness to the broader world. We view it as a beautiful and treasured gift from God, and we value it so highly that we want to help every couple prepare for it with a great sense of clarity about what it is and how it works best. This is the message we strive to convey while holding to a process that allows us to demonstrate our commitment to marriage and to couples who are striving to create this kind of marriage. Therefore, the following guidelines have been established to clarify the practices and procedures. We believe that when followed they can greatly benefit the couple and the Church.

  • Attend Mountain’s services regularly. Since we are interested in supporting marriages rather than serve as a wedding venue, we ask couples to participate in the Mountain community.
  • Attend Courageous Conversations for Couples, a premarital seminar that allows couples to build a solid foundation for marriage.
  • Complete the SYMBIS assessment and utilize this report as part of your premarital conversation with a Mountain pastor. *Note: The registration fee for the SYMBIS assessment is included in the Courageous Conversations for Couples registration.

What’s Included

The fee for a wedding ceremony includes: 

  • Services of the Pastor
  • Room Usage
  • Wedding Coordinator*
  • Sound Technician
  • Custodian

The fee does not cover floral decoration, pew bows, or aisle runners.


Due to the active nature of Mountain’s congregation and the logistical considerations this presents, we are limited by the number of weddings we are able to perform each year. We will, however, make every effort to address your request in a timely manner. Weddings will not be conducted on Sundays, holidays, or between December 20 and January 2.

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