Mountain Walk

Jesus gave his followers an important mission: to make disciples - more and better disciples. But what does a ‘disciple’ look like? It’s someone who lives out what we call ‘The Mountain Walk’: Love God, Love People, and Serve the World. The Mountain Walk helps a person know: how do I START and STAY on the journey with Jesus? We describe it this way:

Love God: Pursue a relationship with Jesus

Worship Together: Worship God with your whole life, and celebrate your love for God by coming together with others.
Abide Alone: Nurture a real, abiding connection with Jesus.

Love People: Connect with others in real relationships

Hold On: Strengthen your relationships with others who are with Jesus on the Walk.
Reach Out: Build relational bridges with those who are not walking with Jesus.

Serve the World: Be a blessing everywhere you go

Get Going: Serve humbly by finding specific ways to use your time and gifts to bless others.
Give Generously: Trust God with what he’s provided by giving to His mission through the church and sharing with others.

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Welcome To Mountain

Looking to take a next step? Connect with others, ask questions about faith, the purpose of the church, and discover your next step.



Life is better in community. Find a group to join at a campus, online or at a home. 



Give of your talent and time in service. Be a blessing, serve at the church, locally in the community, or globally.