The Mountain Walk Experience 

Be transformed through a 21-Day AUDIO experience 

Welcome to the Mountain Walk. It’s not called that because we invented it but because it’s a journey that we in the Mountain community share together as we follow Jesus. Jesus instructed his followers to “make disciples”—in other words “invite people to be apprentices of Jesus, the master.” So what does an apprentice, or disciple, look like? In short, it’s someone who Loves God, Loves People, and Serves the World. That’s the Mountain Walk. It’s a simple, yet profound and rich and meaningful vision for life. Anyone can remember it, and anyone can do it. And no matter how young or old or experienced or inexperienced you are, EVERYONE has a next step to take on the Mountain Walk. What’s yours?

This set of scripture readings and guided reflections is designed to help anyone START and STAY on the Mountain Walk. Play it while you’re on your own—on a walk yourself, sitting quietly, or in the car. Or listen to it while gathered with others—in a small group or around the dinner table at home. Habits of listening to God through the words of the Bible, reflecting, and praying are disciplines that sustain the journey with Jesus. So whether you’re well-practiced with those things or just getting started, everyone has a next step to take, and this experience can provide important guidance along the way.

The Mountain Walk Experience is a daily podcast experience (except Sundays) that begins on Monday May 20th and ends on Sunday June 9th.

Text “WALK” to 94062 to be notified when the experience launches and receive daily reflection links to the Spotify App.

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