Grades 4-5
4th and 5th graders are encouraged and welcomed to participate in weekly kids programming. During the time, an amazing group of Difference Makers lead kids through small group activities and thoughtful discussion questions. Our goal during this phase is to prepare your preteen to launch into middle school.
In addition , preteens are invited to a midweek program called Mt. 54. This program fosters spiritual growth through Biblical concepts and provides the opportunity for kids to hangout with other preteens and small group leaders.

*Safety and Security: During check-in you will receive child and parent specific stickers to use during drop off and pick up. Adults, 18 and over, are background checked prior to serving in Mountain Kids.


MT. 54

Being a preteen has its own unique challenges, struggles, and benefits. Mt. 54 exists in order to give 4th & 5th graders an environment that fosters spiritual growth through Biblical concepts. In addition, preteens will have the opportunity to hangout with other preteens and small group leaders.

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Elementary Service Online

Curious what your kid is learning? Did you miss a service? Does your kid want to watch the Bible story again? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place. Check out the video linked here and the guides below.

Please note, due to copyright agreements this content is available for on-demand viewing for a limited time. So watch them soon before they are gone!



Kids Baptism Class

Is your child asking questions about baptism? Faith? Jesus? Do you need more resources or support to have a conversation with your kid? Mountain Kids provides a safe place for conversations and learning to occur between parent(s) and child to discuss potential next steps of baptism. 

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Kids Events

Kids Jingle Jam

December 9 | Join Mountain Kids for Jingle Jam 2023!


Kids + Students Camps

Summer 2024 | Make camp a part of your summer plans!


Kids Baptism Class

Attend this class with your child to help better prepare them for making a personal decision to dedicate their life to Jesus.