kids baptism class

Is your kid asking about baptism, the bible, or Jesus? 

One of the best conversations to have with your kid revolves around baptism and following Jesus. The Mountain Kids team would love to partner with you throughout this multi-step conversation. 

During the year, each campus will have several opportunities to gather together for a series of TWO interactive classes that will touch on the basics of baptism, the Bible, Jesus, and how to live out your faith to everyone around you. This experience could be the start or continuation of conversations occurring in your household to better prepare your kid for when they make the personal decision to dedicate their life to Jesus. The Kids team is here to help resource, answer questions, and provide support throughout this conversation. 

To start the conversation, download this helpful Family Conversation Resource.

The Mountain Kids Baptism class is divided into two separate classes with additional resources and conversation points for families to engage with at home. The class is geared to kids in 2nd-5th grade. One parent must attend the class along with their kid.

Upcoming classes are listed below. 

upcoming classes


July 14 + 28 | Sign up to attend with your child.