parent child dedication

Parent Child Dedication is an opportunity for parents to commit themselves to raising their kid in a Christian home through promises and sincere intentions brought before God, one another, and the entire congregation.

During this service, parents are asking God’s help, strength, guidance, and provision in raising their children so that one day they will choose to believe in him on their own, and make the personal decision to dedicate their life to Jesus through baptism.

What is the difference between dedication and baptism?
As kids grow in their faith and knowledge we pray kids will make the decision to be baptized. Through baptism, we identify with Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection and publicly declare our intention to follow Him. Jesus followers in the New Testament and throughout all generations have participated in this beautiful celebration of the life-changing relationship we can have with Jesus. We are excited to take this first step of dedicating your child so they can one day make the decision to be baptized! Parent Child Dedication focuses on the parent, family, and church's commitment to continually point kids towards Jesus.

These services are typically offered in the spring and fall. 

The next Parent Child Dedication will take place in Fall 2024. More details and registration will be coming soon!

Upcoming Parent Child Dedication Services