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At Mountain, we have a mantra that reminds us to Stay Humble and Stay Hungry. And one of the many ways we tap into remaining humble and hungry is to be life-long learners. So, are you hungry for diving deeper into God’s Word and theology study? Do you enjoy connecting to Jesus through your intellect and learning from great teachers? Maybe you’re curious about certain topics, or you just love being in an environment with other disciples as we’re all on mission together, with humility and a hunger to grow in our leadership, understanding, and our walk with Jesus.

Everyone is invited to come and learn! Milligan at Mountain is designed for anyone who desires to grow spiritually and intellectually, to study the Bible, to be challenged in new ways, and the option of earning college credit just so happens to be a great bonus! 

What is Milligan at Mountain?

Milligan at Mountain classes offer a great opportunity to take a closer look at the Bible and discover its impact on the world around us… and you don’t have to be interested in receiving college credit to experience the full impact these classes have to offer! In partnership with Milligan University, “Milligan at Mountain” classes are full college courses (accredited and transferable) taught by Milligan University professors and Mountain Staff specifically for the Mountain community!

These courses can be audited (no need for homework or tests, just show up for the fun!) or taken for 3 credit hours (transferable to any university). Classes are available for a negotiated rate of $300 if taking for credit or $150 for audit. To inquire about scholarships, reach out to Equipping Coordinator, Marla De Lucia at

Who can participate in Milligan at Mountain?

Milligan at Mountain is for anyone! Whether you’re 16 or 96, we all have more to learn and experience. You’re invited to be a part of this time of study and growth to dig deeper into the Bible, discover its impact on the world, and consider our own personal journeys. Milligan at Mountain might be for you if you are:

  • A high school junior or senior interesting in taking dual enrollment college courses
  • A local college student 
  • Anyone thinking about pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Bible or Christian Ministry
  • An adult of any age or stage who loves to learn and is interested in growing spiritually and intellectually by taking a course for audit or credit. 

Classes are offered at different times of the year. Some of these classes include: Church and Culture, The Pastoral Letters, Preaching and Teaching, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Spiritual Formation for the Sake of the World, Jesus and the Gospels, and so many more! Check out below what’s available in the Spring 2023 Semester and hear from past participants.

Spring 2023 courses

"Acts" (BIBL 202)

Class Instructor: Dr. Lee Magness from Milligan University
Acts! The dramatic story of the spread of the Gospel and the growth of the Church in the 1st century—across continents, across cultures, in spite of barriers, in the face of persecution, in the power of God’s Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ! This course will explore the story of the early church—the men and women who faithfully carried the Gospel and comprised the church—and challenge ourselves to become the church of the 21st century, responding with the same dynamic presence in our world, in our cultural context, and in response to the needs of our day. Please join us as we learn from the book of Acts about the Church of the past and lean into God’s future for the Church.

This class will meet for three Saturday sessions: February 11, March 18, and April 15 from 9 AM-4 PM at the Mountain Road Campus. Please note class work begins on January 9

Registration closes: January 9. 

Acts: BIBL 202 Registration Part 1 Acts: BIBL 202 Registration Part 2

Preaching and Teaching for Discipleship (CMIN 276)

Class Instructor: Luke Erickson, Executive Pastor
God’s story transcends time. From beginning to end and all through the messy middle, God is creating and re-creating, leading and disciplining, rescuing and rehabilitating until the incredible climax when God’s people are redeemed, Jesus is victorious, and God is all in all! This unparalleled story begs to be told and retold. More than that, it is to be lived and experienced by each one of us. God has long been on the pursuit: who will tell my story? Who will preach my message of truth and grace? Who will teach my people my ways and help them find life in my name? This course is for anyone wanting to answer that question: “I will.”

The course will explore the content, context, and consequences of preaching and teaching in the life of the church. Considerable attention will be given to the techniques of oral delivery and the process of moving from the biblical text to the preaching/teaching event. This course is for anyone wanting to grow in their ability to teach God's Word in a way that advances our mission to make disciples. 

This class will meet on Monday evenings from 6-9 PM at the Mountain Road Campus starting on January 23 through April 24. Note there will be no class on March 6 and April 10. 

Registration closes: January 9. 

Preaching and Teaching for Discipleship Registration Part 1

Preaching and Teaching for Discipleship Registration Part 2

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