Six Feet Apart

Six Feet Apart

The Coronavirus has disrupted everything – and not just our life rhythms, schools, jobs, and the economy – it's instilled more fear and uncertainty than we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes. It’s shaken us to the core. As a result, so many today are not just searching for toilet paper; we’re searching for meaning, for answers, for hope. This week we begin a new series of messages that will wrestle with some of the toughest questions we’re facing right now because of COVID-19. Why is this happening? How do we make sense of all the suffering? How do we find hope? Where’s God in all of it? What exactly does Christianity teach and what difference does it make right now? No one’s interested in the party-line, simplistic, “Sunday School” answers. Even though we have to keep six feet apart right now, let's come together for an important conversation to help us find our way when life doesn’t make sense.

How Do You Explain All the Bad Things and Suffering that Happens in the World? | Six Feet Apart

6/14/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

How do we respond to racism? | Six Feet Apart

6/7/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

Into the Unknown | Six Feet Apart

5/31/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

Is It Even Reasonable to Believe in God? | Six Feet Apart

5/24/2020 | Luke Erickson

Last God Standing | Six Feet Apart

5/17/2020 | Ben Cachiaras