To B.L.E.S.S. your neighbor, Jesus invites you to share your story.

Jesus is the ultimate storyteller. The scriptures are woven through with story after story that illustrate God’s vision for the world. Through these stories, Jesus reveals the bigger story about how God is on the move and how we as humans are wired to be a part of it.

Checkout how Jesus shares his personal story with a man named Nicodemus in John chapter 3. One important way we model our life after Jesus is to share our own stories. You can share your story with someone and God will use it to BLESS them!

“Christianity is one beggar telling another beggar where he found bread.” - D.T. Niles

How do I begin to share my story?

YOU have a story! It began the minute you were born and will continue until your last breath. If you’ve had a life changing journey with Jesus, sharing that part of your story can spread hope with those around you. Jesus makes a real difference in our lives. Think of some of the ways God has transformed your life. Be practical and honest and down to earth. Try using this simple outline below to share your story in 3-5 minutes.

Part 1: My Life Before Jesus

  • Your story begins with who you were.
  • What was your life like before you met Jesus? Or, if you grew up in the church, before you were serious about following Him?

Part 2: How I Met Jesus

  • How did you become a Christ-follower?
  • Was it a particularly tough season? A friend’s invitation? Through a family member? An experience that inspired you to get serious?

Part 3: My Life Since I Met Jesus

  • What difference has following Jesus made in your life?
  • How has knowing Him impacted how you walk through both the good AND the hard times in life? In what ways are you growing right now?

Part 4: Invite them to share their story

  • “So that’s my story… What about you?”

REMEMBER: This is a story about JESUS and for HIS glory. Be careful to consider your motives and not allow pride to sneak into your story.

Here are 5 Tips to help you put your story on paper and memorize it:

  1. Ask God for Help
  2. You be You
  3. Keep it real
  4. Keep it short
  5. Practice out loud


  1. If someone were to casually ask you, “Why are you into that Church/Jesus stuff?” how would you respond?
  2. Which of these three fears are most likely to hold you back from sharing your story?
    1. “I don’t have what it takes” - Does a fear of not knowing the perfect polished answers to questions keep you frozen? Read Matthew 10:19-20
    2. “I don’t want to impose my beliefs on my friends and family” - Does the fear of coming across as a stereotypical “angry Christian” keep you from sharing your story? (Note: Humbly sharing your experience is not imposing) Read Romans 10:13-14
    3. “Sharing my story makes me feel uncomfortable” - Does the fear of being outside of your comfort zone keep you from sharing your story? Read Matthew 5:13-16
  3. Pray about those fears and ask God for an opportunity to share your story with others.

Read, Watch, Listen

Links to media, books or podcast to learn more.


15 Second Testimony: A great resource that can help you tell your story as briefly as 15 seconds.


by Dave and Jon Ferguson

Joining Jesus on His Mission: How to be an Everyday Missionary
by Greg Finkle

The Reluctant Witness: Discovering the Delight of Spiritual Conversations
by Don Evert | From Ben: “I love this book because it changed my perspective entirely on how people who are not Christians think and feel about having spiritual conversations. And that changed how I think about it and engage it now.

Telling a Better Story: How to Talk about god in a Skeptical Age
by Joshua P. Chatraw | From Ben: “I’m only half way through this book right now, but love how it helps us think about how important it is to share the most important and beautiful story ever told in a way that will land on modern, skeptical ears in a winsome way. His insights are important and worth digging for.

Faithful Presence: Seven Disciplines that Shape the Church for Mission
by David Fitch | From Ben: “This book made me want to be more present in people’s lives, and in doing so, invite the presence of Jesus more into my life and into theirs in the process. For someone wanting to think deeply about how to shape your life to be more on mission and grapple with whole new paradigms for what Christian living and the Church can look like--this book is powerful, moving, thought provoking.

How is God challenging and changing you as you BLESS those around you?

Share Your Story

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