Spiritual Pathways - What’s your pathway?

What are spiritual pathways?

Put very simply, a pathway describes the way we relate to God and how we’re wired to feel closest to Him. We all have different experiences, temperaments, and personalities. We all draw near to God in different ways, and understanding our main pathways is a tool to keeping our souls healthy and alive to God.

Discover Your Pathway

Watch or listen to the message from the Stayin' Alive series - What's Your Pathway?
Participate with the sermon using the Spiritual Pathways Tool
Still unsure what your pathways are? Try this Sacred Pathways Assessment

Pathway Types


Let’s get practical!

Go deeper through these questions:
  1. What do you think your top three or four pathways are?
  2. Which pathway feels most natural and really helps you best connect with God?
  3. Is there a pathway that seems to be missing in your life that could help you connect with God?
  4. What specific and practical steps will you take to connect with God in the next 30 days through your pathway?

Additional Resources
(Links to media, books or podcast to learn more)

Spiritual Practices for Each Pathway - Resource from Vineyard Church