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Please indicate whether you agree: I release Mountain Christian Church and any other parties acting on behalf of the church from liability in the event of an accident.
Please indicate whether you agree: I understand that there may be occasions when Mountain Christian Church (“MCC”) will want to use photographs or audio or video recordings from Church activities or events in which I participate. I grant to MCC the right to include photographic, video, audio and other visual or audio portrayals of me taken during or in connection with Church activities or events in any medium of any nature whatsoever (including the right to edit, combine with other materials or create any type of derivative thereof) for the purpose of advertising, publicity, promotions, or otherwise, without compensation to me. Such grant shall include the unrestricted right to copy, revise, distribute, and display photographs, images, films, tapes, drawings or recordings in any type of media (including, but not limited to, the Internet). I consent to the use by MCC of my testimonial, comments and/or narrative writing in any manner, free of charge, in any form or media. I understand the wording of any testimonial, comments and/or narrative writing may be edited or altered, provided that the sense and meaning are not materially changed. I agree that all rights, title and interest therein shall be MCC’s sole property, free from any claims by me or any person deriving any rights or interest from me. I release MCC and its agents and assigns from any and all claims which may arise out of or are in any way connected with such use.