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Serving with Communications

Do you like removing obstacles that might get in the way of people taking their next steps with Christ? Serving on the communications team could be your next step! There are a few different opportunities to help support our Communications Team.

  •  Film - There are many opportunities to serve within film, some of these include:
            Audio technician - Passionate about crafting the perfect auditory experience? Use your skills to mix/master our films with excellence.
            Crew - Jump on set and help craft our films! All it takes is a passion for film and interested in lighting or audio.
            Editor - If you enjoy video editing and love the church, help design our stories as an editor.
            Location Scout - Are you passionate about connecting resources to the mission and love unique spaces? Be a location scout!
            Scriptwriter - Are you a wordsmith? Craft language around ideas for our films as a scriptwriter!
            Videographer - Lights, Camera, Action! If you're interested in film, capture the moments that matter as a videographer
  • Graphic Designer - Are you passionate about creating art that removes obstacles and invites people in? Use your graphic design skills to break down barriers and spark interest in Jesus
  • Photographer - Love capturing a story in a single photo? All it takes is an eye for the story and a camera or iphone to capture it.
  • Social Media Influencer - Are you active on and enjoy using Social Media? Help us to capture the story of Mountain Christian Church through social media!
  • Storytelling - Do you love sharing stories? Use your gift to share how God is working in and through the lives of those at Mountain.

Interested? You can let us know below...