Giving To A Mission

Mountain provides the capability to make one-time or recurring donations online using either your checking account or credit card.* Whichever method you choose, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

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Why Give?

For many of us giving is an act of worship, recognizing how awesome God is, we humble and empty ourselves in this way because God is worthy of praise and sacrificial giving brings honor to him. Giving expresses our gratitude to him for the gifts in life and acknowledges that he sustains it all. Giving fuels the mission, a mission that God accomplishes through his people, the church. Everyone is invited to give and see the good work of the mission carried out. Giving transforms us. When we give in worship, thanks and for the mission it shapes our life into a generous one. Giving regularly to God changes our hearts, puts others' needs above our own, and fills us with joy and contentment. Joyful generosity begins to be expressed in every part of our lives. So give freely and with joy!


Text an amount to 410-346-3MCC (410-346-3622), and a donation will be made to Mountain's general fund.  The first time you text, you will be prompted for credit card and account information. Future donations through text will happen automatically without a prompt.

Mountain Christian Church | Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

ECFA_logo.jpgMountain Christian Church is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. For more information on ECFA, click here

*Please be aware that Mountain is charged a transaction fee of 2-3% of the donated amount for credit card donations. The fee for donations from your checking account is negligible.