Ultimate Frisbee

Bel Air Ultimate (BAU) is a coed pickup ultimate frisbee group that plays on Sunday afternoons every week, year-round. BAU was founded on a love of Ultimate and a desire to create a fun but semi-competitive community with a foundation on Christ’s love. BAU is not run by Mountain, but holds strong roots and support by the church and its members.

Open Play | All Season | No Registration Needed

Ages 16 and Up | All Skill Levels

Location (may vary): Follow the BAU social media accounts for updates
Games are typically at Southampton Middle School 

Weekly at 2 PM 


Do I have to register?
No. Just show up on Sunday ready to learn and play. If you want to, you can either message the social media accounts or send BAU an email.

Do I need to pay anything?
Also no. BAU is totally free. Nothing should stop you from coming and finding a community and playing Ultimate.

Does the game time or location ever change?
Yes. Sometimes weather, time of the year, and special events/holidays change our location and time. You can stay informed by following the BAU social media accounts.

What do I need to bring?
Bring water. Bring a white and dark (anything that isn’t white) shirt for making teams. BAU does have pinnies if you forget or don’t have a white shirt. Most players wear cleats but they are not expected or required.

I have never played Ultimate. Can I still come?
Absolutely! Beginners are welcome and other more knowledgeable players are more than happy to explain the rules, tips and tricks.

What To Expect

BAU mainly communicates through Instagram, Facebook and Slack. Games happen at Southampton Middle School at 2 PM each week. (Holidays and weather can change time or location, so make sure to stay up-to-date on Instagram, Facebook, and Slack.)

Casual warm-ups begin at 2 PM. Once players have arrived, everyone huddles up for prayer requests and praises. General announcements are then shared and teams are created.

You can expect to play about 2 hours of Ultimate, burn a crazy number of calories, and meet very welcoming, awesome people.

For more information, check out the Bel Air Ultimate website to find the Instagram, Facebook, and email address. Or reach out directly at belair.ultimate@outlook.com