Everything Mountain Young Adults do is centered around being in community with other disciples. One of the primary ways we do this is through living out the ways of Jesus together in small groups led by strong disciples of Jesus. In small groups, Young Adults forge meaningful peer and intergenerational relationships. They find authentic, missional community in these groups where it's safe to be themselves and where they are also challenged to grow to be more like Jesus through shared rhythms and practices. This is a space where young people are known, cared for, and loved, and where they can be open and honest about their experiences, struggles, and doubts.

Campus Groups

Campus groups meet every Tuesday night at one of our campuses! At Campus Groups, Young Adults can connect with the larger life of their campus while also their own table led by a Young Adults group leader!

Home Groups

Home Groups are a space where Young Adults are able to gather at a host home, share in a meal, and be in a discipleship environment outside the walls of the church building! These groups always include a meal, and meet on various nights throughout the week.

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