2022 GO Trips


The Great Need in Baltimore
Here is a unique opportunity to be ON Mission WITH Jesus in our own “back yard” of the city of Baltimore. Mountain Christian Church has been active in a variety of activities in Baltimore over the years but now we want to take our involvement to a higher level. We will be sending a team into the city during the month of August and we will be partnering with the following two ministries:

Front Porch Church: (Mountain Christian Church is helping finance this Church Plant)
“Front Porch Church is a movement of people committed to bringing more heaven to our little slice of Baltimore City. The Good News of Jesus Christ is the only life-changing force capable of creating that lasting change. So, we are a community of diverse people who follow Jesus on a mission to introduce more people to His radical love. We are committed to build bridges by partnering with many different local organizations who are loving our neighbors well.
Somebody Cares Baltimore (SCB): President, Matt Stevens, “With simple building blocks for change, we are helping reshape Baltimore”.
“One of the SCB initiatives our team will help with is called Day of Hope. This special day of resource sharing was created after some Baltimore City Pastors were doing ride-alongs with police and had their eyes opened to the reality of life on the streets of the city. They met many people in many communities and saw firsthand their desperate need. These people had not connected to the resources that were readily available to them. Some of these resources included ministry, hospitals, clinics, financial help, jobs, haircuts, and clothing. This list continues on and on. Day of Hope was created to help meet the short and long-term needs of the community through collaborations.

To help prepare the team to serve in this urban setting they will be reading Church Forsaken: Practicing Presence in Neglected Neighborhood by Jonathan Brook.

Team Details
The team will invest two days in Baltimore City alongside our partners and work together with existing leadership to further their outreach to their respective communities. Our partnership and presence are designed to be an encouraging relationship building opportunity. We are so appreciative of their faithfulness to the ministry there and want to join them, if even for a couple days, to strengthen their outreach.

This trip includes involvement in...
  • Helping with the Day of Hope
  • Community visits
  • Prayer walking
  • Worship with Front Porch Church
  • Learning about life in the city

Financial Support for the Trip
If you would like to financially support a participant, there are two ways to donate.
  • Online at MountainCC.org/GoTrips. Click on “View Details” for the Baltimore trip and then click on “Donate to a Participant.” You may select the name of the individual you are supporting from the drop down menu.
  • You may also donate via check made payable to Mountain Christian Church and mail your donation, along with a note as to the trip participant you are supporting, to the church at 1824 Mountain Rd., Joppa, MD 21085

All donations are tax-deductible. If more support is raised than is needed for each trip, those funds will assist other GO Trips to other places. If for any unforeseen reason a trip participant is unable to go, your support will continue to bless the team that is going.

Your support in any capacity will help the team achieve the objective to “Be Jesus” to our friends in Baltimore. Thank you for your partnership!

Prayer Support for the Trip
Consider praying for the trip…
  • Preparation of the team, including financial support
  • Team unity
  • Safety while serving
  • Our partnership with these two ministries to thrive
  • God to be glorified