2022 GO Trips


The Great Need in Brazil
Brazil is spiritually open, but this can be both good and bad. Millions practice Spiritism and Catholicism at the same time. Many follow cults influenced by African animism and witchcraft. Pray for the Holy Spirit to expose the lies of these cults and of the Spiritist priests and guides. Pray for those people in spiritual bondage to be delivered through the power and truth of Jesus.

Operation World states “... The poor and underdeveloped northeast has Brazil’s lowest percentage of evangelicals, in particular Piauí and Ceará. The poor Sertão hinterlands contain hundreds of municipalities that are less than 5% evangelical. There is a great exodus of the poor to the Amazon and the cities of the northeast. Pray for a wise ministry approach that weds church planting with relief and development through an effective Brazilian and expatriate missionary presence.”

Team Details
A team of people from Mountain Christian Church will be joining together with sister church, Familia da Fe (Family of Faith) from Campinas, Sao Paulo, to work alongside of the “Agape Mission” in Pianco in the state of Paraiba in Northeast Brazil. Together with a church in Pianco, the team will be working in some of the poorest communities in the country where the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) concept of community development is in full swing.

The team’s presence will help them reach further into the community and attract more people to encounter the presence of Christ!

This trip includes involvement in...
  • VBS (vacation Bible school)
  • Working with under resourced children and teens
  • Community outreach, including sports and crafts
  • Prayer walking
  • Sharing testimonies

Financial Support for the Trip
If you would like to financially support a participant, there are two ways to donate.
  • Online at MountainCC.org/GoTrips. Click on “View Details” for the Brazil trip and then click on “Donate to a Participant.” You may select the name of the individual you are supporting from the drop down menu.
  • You may also donate via check made payable to Mountain Christian Church and mail your donation, along with a note as to the trip participant you are supporting, to the church at 1824 Mountain Rd., Joppa, MD 21085.

Since much of the cost of each trip is for airfare, we hope to purchase the tickets as soon as possible. All donations are tax-deductible. If more support is raised than is needed for each trip, those funds will assist other GO Trips to other places. If for any unforeseen reason a trip participant is unable to go, your support will continue to bless the team that is going.

Your support in any capacity will help the team achieve the objective to “Be Jesus” to our friends in Brazil. Thank you for your partnership!

Prayer Support for the Trip
Consider praying for the trip…
  • Preparation of the team, including financial support
  • The team will, “agree with one another in what we say and that there be no divisions among us, but that we be perfectly united in mind and thought” (1 Corinthians 1:10)
  • Safety in travel
  • As ambassadors we will, “fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel” (Ephesians 6:19)
  • The people we reach out to will come to know and follow Jesus
  • Our Brazilian/American partnership will communicate unity
  • The families home in Maryland