Glocal Impact Celebration

When God created the world He wanted His glory on display. He created us in His image to show His glory to a lost and desperate world. Have you ever wondered about your part in all of this…what were YOU made for? This is what we will discover during our Glocal Impact Celebration (GIC) November 17–24. We will consider the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment. We will find that we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; we are to make disciples of the people all around us; we are to love them as we love ourselves. As a follower of Jesus…you were made for this! 

“Love the Lord your God; love your neighbor; make disciples”
- Matthew 22 and 28


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    21 Days of Prayer

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    Missionary Partners

    The following Missionary Partners will be visiting during GIC week:

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    Passport to Awareness
    Monday, November 18 @ 6 PM

    Become more aware of what is happening around the world and how you can get involved. These experiences/workshops will provide an atmosphere for the whole family to learn more about ways for love to be unleashed here, there and everywhere. You will receive a “Passport” upon arrival with lots of information. The activities listed below will be offered at a variety of times throughout the evening.

    Monday, November 18 @ 6-9 PM
    The EPICENTER, 1918 Pulaski Highway, Edgewood

    Persecuted Church Experience
    “Travel” to restricted countries to feel the drama and sacrifice of our Christian brothers and sisters.

    World Relief
    Hear about ways you can help with the global refugee crisis and international disasters.

    International Coffee House
    Open throughout the evening in the Commons. Enjoy coffee, tea, desserts and international music. Talk to the Missionaries and share your thoughts on the evening’s events. 

    Engage in the Marketplace…Business as Mission! 
    Recent years have seen the mindset of what it means to be on mission flipped on its head. What is BAM (Business-as-Mission), and what do these things have in common: Calling / Poverty / Mission / Business / Entrepreneurship? Join us to get a taste of some truly Glocal transformational opportunities that God is revealing. 

    God-honoring business is at the heart of any approach to reducing poverty. A sustainable economic opportunity — a job —  allows a person to feed, clothe and educate his family, fix his roof and to save for the future. Ethical businesses serve people throughout their communities by producing goods and services that people need.

    What’s more, godly business leaders have tremendous potential for impact at every level of the organizations they lead, if they will follow the example of Jesus and work as servant leaders. There is tremendous opportunity for transformation when focusing on future business leaders.

    Come and hear Mark Jackson, Director of Marketplace Ministries at Christian Missionary Fellowship, as he reminds us that God uses your work, your business, and your vocation in his mission to the world. 

    Local Outreach Partners
    Come check out what is happening right here in Harford County. Discover ways you can be a part of the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment in your own neighborhoods and local communities.

    Big World Adventure
    6-8:30 PM
    For ages 4 years–5th grade. Your child will obtain a “passport”, while “traveling” and experiencing different cultures around the world.

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    Child Sponsorship Banquet
    Friday, November 22 @ 6 PM

    Join us as we celebrate our sponsored children from around the world with dinner as we celebrate love unleashed through Child Sponsorship near and far. Mary and Wallace Kamau from Missions of Hope International will be the guest speakers, as well as speakers from both Compassion International and Samaritan’s Purse.

    Friday, November 22 @ 6–8:30 PM
    New Life Center
    $10 per person

    Register by November 15. Limited seating available. Childcare available for children ages 0-10; indicate your childcare needs when you register.