Changing the Habits that are Holding You Back from God’s Best

We are what we repeatedly do. Habits shape us. They form our future. It may not seem like a big deal if we have a habit of biting our nails or licking our lips, as annoying as that can be. But outbursts of anger, incessant worrying, lusting at pornography, patterns of lying, running to unhealthy escapes or working so much it messes with your health and relationships -- that’s something else. These and other bad habits can unravel our joy, damage relationships, and block us from God. Jesus invites us to a beautiful life free of destructive habits. But first we have to be willing to go deep. Learning to look beneath the surface of the symptoms to the root cause of our bad habits unlocks the key to change. Jesus can heal and change us from the inside out as we surrender our spirit of “flesh” to the Spirit of God. Are you ready to break and replace the bad habits that are holding you back from God’s best?

This series will look at a different habit and identify ways it may be a bad habit in us that is stealing our life and needs to be replaced. Then we will turn to scripture to see how the Lord can graciously help us replace the habit with something better. To complement this content, be sure to listen to the message series here.

What is a HABIT?

A HABIT is a behavior that is repeated enough times it becomes second nature or automatic for us. Every day of our lives we are either reinforcing old habits or forming new ones. Habits can be negative, like small annoyances, like biting your fingernails, or twirling your hair, or licking your lips. But they can be positive – like looking both ways before you cross the street, or chewing your food before swallowing.

This series of messages is designed to help us think about the habits that are shaping who we are, and who we are becoming… and to break the bad habits that are keeping you from God’s best, and replace them with healthy spiritual habits that lead to life.

How do I know if something is a BAD HABIT?

One example of a practical assessment to gauge whether a habit is a bad one that needs to be broken, removed and replaced is to honestly answer the questions below. Being vulnerable and truthful before God and another person, will help you truly see where you struggle with habits that have diverted your identity in Christ.

Is it affecting my relationship with Christ?
Is it affecting my relationships with other people?
Is it affecting my attitude or outlook in a negative way?
Is it keeping me from becoming the person God can help me become?