Stayin’ Alive

Practices for a healthy soul

There’s so much talk about mental and physical health these days. But how do you keep your SOUL healthy? Is that even a thing? How is it with your soul?

It’s easy to drift spiritually. Our hearts get pulled, our days get filled, and we find ourselves empty and far from God. With so much stress and life-draining junk going on all around us, we need a soul replenishment strategy that works.

The good news is you CAN live each day closely connected with Christ! Wherever you find yourself today, you are only a breath away from God!

We are going to learn some practices that can help us stay spiritually fresh and alive to God in the midst of a crazy time.
  • You will discover the pathway, practices, and people you need right now to feed your soul, based on how God wired you.
  • You will learn to reflect on the best and worst part of your day in a way that will grow gratitude in your heart.
  • You will learn how to hear what God is saying to you through a revolutionary way of listening through scripture.