An M.O. Like MO

An M.O. Like MO | Lessons on Failure, Following God & Fulfillment from Moses

  • How do you deal with failure?
  • How do you keep following God when it’s hard?
  • How can you have a truly fulfilling life -- when you face unexpected and unwelcome turns along the way?

These are BIG questions we all want answers to. This summer we will get answers from one of the greatest figures in world history. Moses.

Everybody has an M.O. Your modus operandi, or manner of operating is the way you do things. It’s your habits. Your patterns. Your choices. Your m.o. is how you live your life.

From the Bible we learn that Moses had an M.O., too. And it was a lot like ours! He was sometimes bold but then he was afraid. He made brilliant decisions, then foolish ones. He led like a genius, then made stupid mistakes. His life was checkered with strong faith and huge flaws.

In other words, Mo’s M.O. is a lot like ours. And that’s encouraging, because we don’t have to be a Bible hero like Moses to get in the habit of hearing from God, following God, and trusting God. A deep dive into the life of Moses is like looking in the mirror. This study will give you hope for your failures and a map toward fulfillment.

And we’ll see that his ultimate M.O. was to live his life completely for God. And that is how we are called to live, too. With an M.O. like Mo.

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