Take the Dare

Take the Dare

Can you think of a time when you were dared to do something? Jump a creek, ask someone out, or stand up for what you believe in. Palms sweat, adrenaline pumps, your mind races. You could keep things status quo, or you could open yourself to new possibilities if you had the courage to take the dare. While some dares are dumb, others can be divine. The God we meet in the Bible dared to love us in a radical way and give us a life packed full of new possibilities. We could keep things comfortable, or we could radically trust Him with daring faith. Will you Take the Dare in 2020?

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2/9/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

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2/2/2020 | Jared Fox

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1/26/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

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1/19/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

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1/12/2020 | Ben Cachiaras

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