Weeds in My Garden

Weeds in My Garden

Weeds in My Garden

It’s time to be honest about mental health. A whole lot of us are struggling. We may be showing roses but we all have weeds in our garden. We will talk about suicide and self-harm, worry and anxiety, stress and burnout, and depression. Everybody is either struggling with some of this stuff or knows someone who is. Jesus cares and gets us. We believe turning to him will open the door to getting help and hope.  

You're Not Alone... Truth Against Self-Harm & Suicide | Weeds in My Garden

1/22/2023 | Luke Erickson

Overcoming Worry + Anxiety | Weeds in My Garden

1/15/2023 | Ben Cachiaras

It's Okay to Not be Okay | Weeds in My Garden

1/8/2023 | Ben Cachiaras