Nairobi Flood Relief

Photo credits: Rudian KD - a Professional Photographer, Cinematographer and graphics designer based in Kampala, Uganda with university experience of three years in Media work.

Missions of Hope International (MOHI) is an important ministry partner with Mountain. MOHI "empowers disadvantaged communities," specifically empowering kids in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Near the end of April, Nairobi experienced a period of unusually intense rain. The downpours overwhelmed drainage systems and created flash floods throughout the city.

The raging, muddy waters displaced thousands of families, destroyed homes, and unfortunately, took multiple lives.

One of the areas most impacted is the Mathare Valley, a disadvantaged community where MOHI has multiple schools and serves thousands of children.

The river that runs through the center of the valley rose well above its banks, destroyed large sections of the community and left people stranded on their rooftops.

As a church community, we want to generously bless MOHI so that they can take care immediate needs of children and families affected by the floods, as well as rebuild and repair their damaged centers.

Visit the MOHI website to make a contribution to relief efforts.

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