Learning the Family Story: The Major Prophets

Class Instructor: Dr Buddy Coffey

About 25% of scripture deals with prophets and prophecy, though when we read those words, we're more likely to think of our modern imagery of self-styled prophets who claim to "predict" the future in their prophecies. Nothing like that can be found in the Bible.

Rather, what we'll find in Scripture are men (and women!) who God uses to carry out His purposes in His world when the kings of the earth have become evil, the priests of the temple have become corrupt, and the Word of God has become lost. The prophets become God's voice of warning and correction to a people who are going down the wrong path of life.

And, yes, the prophets do predict what will happen if the people continue down those erroneous paths. In that sense, the prophets are mostly "forth-tellers," describing obvious outcomes, rather than "fore-tellers," who give advance notice of people and events which could have only come from God.

But there's plenty of foretelling as well: Isaiah's naming of Cyrus the Persian king who will allow the Israelite exiles to return to Jerusalem; Daniel's descriptions of beasts and monsters who represent future pagan kingdoms; and, most importantly, visions of a Messiah to come who will restore all things and set creation to rights as God always intended it to be.

Class Information
It will take two courses to cover all the prophets in the Bible. This first course will look at who we call the "major prophets," that is, those with longer books written about them: Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. I've included the book of Lamentations (literally, a hymn of tears) and the book of Daniel. Daniel himself is not considered a prophet, but the book written about him is chocked full of prophecies.

Each night of the study will have Bible readings, lecture, and group discussion time. The resources you will need are found online, and you will be able to read through each lesson in advance. Even though all the scripture we read will be displayed on screen, you may still want to bring your Bible with you. (Any translation will do; bring the one you use and love the most!)

Best of all, there is no charge for the class as all materials are available online.
Class syllabus, schedule, and topics covered can be found on the class web page

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Thursday Evenings 7-8:30 PM
Beginning January 11
Mountain Rd Campus in Timothy Hall

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Monday Evenings 7-8:30 PM

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