Discover the Bible Weekend

The Bible is HUGE! It’s the biggest book some of us have ever held, AND it’s hugely significant for anyone trying to figure out life.

We might sense the Bible’s importance and want to read it more, but it can be difficult to handle. Any honest reader has lots of questions, and we need opportunities to explore the Bible with others on the journey and seek greater understanding. So no matter if you’ve read it a lot or a little or not at all, Discover the Bible Weekend is for anyone who’s hungry to learn more. Discover the amazing story the Bible tells and find your place in it!

This event is led by Dr. Buddy Coffey and Luke Erickson. The event is FREE to attend.

Childcare will be provided for kids age birth-Kindergarten.

Times + Location:

Abingdon Campus
Friday, April 12 @ 6:30-9 PM 
Saturday, April 13 @ 8 AM- 12:00 PM


For any questions or for more information, please contact Jeanette Jennings at

Register below, to let us know that you will be joining in on the weekend!