Become A Difference Maker

God has been up to something new recently within the Mountain community. The church has been growing at every campus and right here online. As God moves it's important that we are ready to respond. In light of that, we believe there’s an opportunity for everyone to take a “next step” to become a Difference Maker. Difference Makers are those who serve God’s church at Mountain, helping make ministry happen in community with others. 

You don't need special qualifications, just a willingness to serve. So if you're not serving somewhere in the church, we encourage you to find a place to jump in. Just text “Serve” to 94062. Becoming a Difference Maker isn’t just about serving, but connecting with others and the church community, and we’ll be cheering each other on in this season where God is doing something new in all of us. 

I'm Ready For A Next Step