Romania, in far Eastern Europe, has a landscape similar to that of Tennessee. But its history is much different. The country fell under the influence of the former Soviet Union and was ruled by two dictators. The last dictator was President Ceaucescu, who required that each family have at least five children.

During the 1980s, Romania was suffering under difficult economic times and this decree created a crisis in family care. The government’s solution was building orphanages for children who couldn’t be cared for by their families. The treatment of children in these institutions was below reasonable standards, and for many years, children took to the streets to attempt to care for themselves instead.

Sadly, when Communism fell, the world was awakened to the horrible reality these children faced in understaffed institutions. Many children were found horribly malnourished, abused, and psychologically destroyed. Many others on the streets were found living in sewers, struggling to survive. Today the crisis continues with hundreds of thousands of children abandoned and/or orphaned to face life on their own.

Children’s Hope is a ministry of Remember-The-Children. As part of this ministry, Pastor Mihai Micula and his wife Dana are following God’s call to reach out to the orphans in Satu Mare, Romania. Pastor Mihai and Dana have adopted 24 at-risk orphaned children who now live in Houses of Hope. These children have been given far more than a home. They are lavished with God’s love and that is transforming their lives!!

  • “You would never know to look at her now what one of our girls suffered at the hands of a 79-year-old man,” Mihai says with a deep sigh. “But to see her smile now, to receive her affection, it is miraculous what God has done.”
  • “The mother of one of our girls tried to kill her on three different occasions. We cannot imagine this. But what she knows now is our love and the love of God.”
  • “One of our children did not talk for months after we adopted her. We were told that perhaps she is mentally not right. We prayed. We fasted. One day she greeted me with ‘Do you like it here? Because I love it very much.’ She has hardly stopped talking since that day!” Mihai says.
Children’s Hope sponsorship support of $35/month goes towards education, nutrition, medical care, spiritual development, and facilities. The children accepted into the homes come from orphanages after being abandoned. Their acceptance into the House of Hope is permanent. Please join this ministry by sponsoring one of these children. Your support will provide the much needed support, love, and hope that will re-shape a child’s life eternally.

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