Let's Talk About Sex | Getting REALationships

Let's Talk About Sex | Getting REALationships

Sex — let’s talk about it. In this series, Getting REALationships, its about seeing things maturely and getting a grip on the way relationships really work and seeking a deeper understanding and wisdom that will actually help you GET relationships in the way you were designed.

That takes work. It takes thought. It requires perspective. And, it also includes the topic of sex.

We’ve all got somewhat of a tough road ahead if we’re going to get where God wants us to go and mature through navigating this mature content. Because for every experience of great sex, there may be many who are experiencing or have experienced great pain in this area of life. And, in our modern world, sexual ethics and values have become battleground areas — politically, socially, within family dynamics, and even internally too.

Whatever you bring to this conversation, moving into this maybe uncomfortable mature content, God can and will mature you and help you better GET REALationships.