Own Your Own Growth | Getting REALationships

Own Your Own Growth | Getting REALationships

The true character of a relationship is revealed in times of crisis. Because in times of crisis you don’t really get to decide what’s going to happen; you just reveal whatever you’ve already built, in yourself and in your relationships.

The COVID battle and 2020 have revealed quite a lot. Think about it for a moment: What has 2020 revealed to you?

It’s revealed things… and it’s probably also revealed a lot about your relationships. But if you pay attention, it also has revealed some areas where your relationships need to grow.

Think about a relationship that really matters to you that you’d like to get better. In Week 2 of Getting REALationships, we’ll talk about keys that will help that relationship get better through the truths of scripture, because God’s Word is the BEST source to help all of us Get REALationships.