We strive to Love God, Love People, and Serve the World by promoting and demonstrating God-honoring marriages built on a strong biblical foundation. Fulfilling marriages don’t just happen. They are built on biblical principles essential to a warm, loving relationship. The Couples Ministry at Mountain exists to support couples as they seek God’s best for their life together. To that end, we offer and promote communities of encouragement of all sizes – large group marriage enrichment seminars, couples mid-size and small groups, blended family support, couples mentoring, and individual couples pastoral care.

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12  - What a great picture of the strength of a relationship with God at the center!

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    Fit to be Tied
    Sundays, September 29- October 27

    Fit to be Tied is one of the many ways Mountain seeks to support couples. This seminar extends across five sessions and is geared to help you better understand yourself, your partner and your relationship dynamics. We work to foster a safe environment for couples to communicate about crucial topics in an open and honest manner. Also included is an in-depth relationship inventory which serves as a valuable tool in furthering conversation and pre-marital or marriage counseling. You can read more about the content and opportunities provided by this seminar below. Whether you are dating, engaged, or you have been married for years, every couple can learn and grow from this seminar. 
    Sundays, September 29- October 27 @ 5:30–8:30 PM
    Mountain Center — Walker Chapel
    $125 per couple



    Getting to Know You
    We utilize the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory to assist folks in better understanding their personality. Understanding how a couple’s individual personalities impact their relationship is helpful when striving to understand relationship dynamics.

    God’s Perspective 
    This session will help you evaluate your personal relationship with Christ and understand why it is essential to build your marriage on foundational biblical principles and spiritual unity.  

    Your Personal History
    This session provides the opportunity to examine your family of origin and what baggage and expectations you may unknowingly bring into a marriage. It is true that your past can dramatically affect your present and your future. Taking time to examine your personal history and communicate on key discussion points serves to resolve conflict before it begins.

    Personal Financial Management
    Financial issues are one of the top causes of marriage conflict. A Christian Financial Planner will lead the discussion on relevant topics such as spending habits, creating a budget, dual versus single incomes, how children affect the family budget, and more. Communicating regarding a solid financial plan is crucial to harmony in any marriage. 

    Sexuality in Marriage
    Few subjects are more misunderstood today. Learn how your sexuality and your spirituality are related and, when adequately understood, will bring incredible fulfillment in this vital aspect of your relationship.

    Marriage Expectations
    Every person who enters marriage brings certain expectations. Which ones are realistic? Which ones are unrealistic? Identifying expectations and setting goals together is a fulfilling and exciting process.

    SYMBIS Assessment
    This quality online assessment is an invaluable tool for couples as they focus on Saving Their Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS). This inventory covers more than two dozen key dimensions of your relationship. It is a highly useful tool for pre-marital or marriage counseling. The cost is included in the FTBT fee. Couples are provided a link to access this tool during the course.  

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    Join a Small Group
    Various times & locations

    Group gatherings are interactive times when small communities of friends support one another in answering two core questions: What is Jesus saying? What am I doing in response?

    See Active Small Groups


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    Marriage Mentoring

    Marriage Mentoring exists to partner couples on the life-long journey of marriage. Whether you are a preparing for marriage, want to maximize your marriage, or want to repair it, we have a team of Christ-centered couples willing to share your journey. Our mentor couples have been trained through Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott’s online Marriage Mentor Academy.
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    Weddings at Mountain

    Looking for information on weddings at Mountain? Here's all of the information you need about the process and next steps for your request, pre-marital classes and other topics.


    Before we can consider your request, we ask you to complete the Wedding Request Information forms (button below) and return them as soon as possible to the church office, or email them to The information you provide is considered confidential.

    Upon receipt of your completed forms, our Associate of Pastoral Care will examine your request and respond as soon as possible. We will then arrange an interview with you to determine if it is possible for us to accommodate your request. Following the interview, you will receive a notification of this decision.

    Wedding Request forms


    We want to marry couples who desire to build their marriage on a Christian foundation. Therefore, we request you to follow these steps leading up to your big day:

    • Attend “Fit to be Tied”, a premarital seminar that offers guidance and helps build a solid foundation, preparing you as a couple for a Christian marriage.
    • Attend our services. Since we are interested in supporting your life together in marriage and not just your wedding, we ask you to be active in the church life at Mountain leading up to your wedding day.
    • Remain abstinent from sexual relations until your wedding day. We know God wants what is best for your marriage, therefore we ask that you follow this biblical principle.

    What’s Included

    Our fee for wedding ceremonies is $700. This fee includes use of:

    • Services of the Pastor
    • Cook Auditorium/Walker Chapel
    • Parlor
    • Wedding Coordinator*
    • Sound Room Technician
    • Custodian

    The fee does not cover floral decoration, pew bows or aisle runners.

    *A Mountain Coordinator is required for all weddings. If your wedding is at a location other than Mountain Christian Church, our Wedding Ceremony fee is $500. This includes the services of The Pastor and the required coordinator.


    We are unfortunately limited by the number of weddings we are able to perform each year due to the active nature of our congregation and the logistical considerations this presents. We will, however, make every effort to address your request in a timely manner. Weddings will not be conducted on Sundays, holidays or between December 20 and January 2.