Current Series | If Ya Know, Ya Know

It’s easy to see Jesus and mistake him for something else. Some think of Jesus as a Mr. Rogers-like nice guy who said good things and loved kids. Or a miracle worker who did party tricks with fish and bread and wine to impress us. Or just a historical figure who might have been a revolutionary of sorts but who was probably exaggerated over the years by people who wanted it to be true so they made a world religion out of it. Or for some Jesus is just a bobble-head figure on the dashboard or a good luck charm around a necklace.

But, anyone who honestly listens to Jesus hears him talking about himself in much bolder terms. He introduces himself with “I AM…,” a phrase that points to more than meets the eye. Once you grasp what Jesus means, a universe of understanding is opened up. Jesus’ true identity is revealed, and you can’t unsee it.

Once you know, you can’t go back to the small, weak, incorrect understanding of Jesus you once had. Because once you know, you know. And Jesus wants everyone to know.