Learning the Family Story: The Wisdom Books of the Bible

The Bible is full of wisdom, but three books are especially chocked full of it: Ecclesiastes, Job, and Proverbs.
Class Instructor: Dr Buddy Coffey

Proverbs - A set of aphorisms about how wisdom is woven into the very fabric of creation and how we can tap into it.
Ecclesiastes - A critical discourse of human life with the view that living in wisdom is the best path through it.
Job - A rhetorical production that demonstrates that the basis of God's policies is not justice but wisdom.

We'll explore each of the three genres of aphorism, rhetoric, and discourse to see how they give us a different entry point into the subject of God's wisdom. By consolidating the three views, we'll find the wisdom that leads to life as God intended it and how we, too, can embrace that life more fully.

Class Information
Each night of the study will have Bible readings, lecture, and group discussion time. The resources you will need are found online, and you will be able to read through each lesson in advance. Even though all the scripture we read will be displayed on screen, you may still want to bring your Bible with you. (Any translation will do; bring the one you use and love the most!)

Best of all, there is no charge for the class as all materials are available online.
Class syllabus, schedule, and topics covered can be found on the class web page

Class Opportunities and Registration
There are two opportunities to participate in this 13-week class.

*in person*
Thursday Evenings 7-8:30 PM
Beginning September 14
Mountain Rd Campus in Timothy Hall

In Person Registration

*online option*
Monday Evenings 7-8:30 PM

Online Registration

Classes have been designed so that you can easily join any time during the semester!