Courageous Conversations for Couples

Looking to strengthen and build a strong foundation for your marriage? Whether you have been married for years or are considering marriage, be sure to take this opportunity to enrich your relationship. Courageous Conversations for Couples is one of the many ways Mountain seeks to support couples. This seminar extends across four sessions and is geared to help you better understand yourself, your partner and your relationship dynamics. CCfC fosters a safe environment for couples to communicate about crucial topics. Also included is a relationship inventory, a valuable tool in developing understanding and furthering conversation. Whether you are dating, engaged, or you have been married for years, every couple can learn and grow closer through Courageous Conversations for Couples.


Sundays, October 3-October 24
5:30–8 PM
Mountain Road Campus | New Life Center | Cafe 

Cost- $99 per couple

Childcare is free, but registration for childcare is required.


God’s Perspective

This session will help you evaluate your personal relationship with Christ and understand why it is essential to build your marriage on foundational biblical principles and spiritual unity.

Your Personal History

This session provides the opportunity to examine your family of origin and what baggage and expectations you may unknowingly bring into a marriage. It is true that your past can dramatically affect your present and your future. Taking time to examine your personal history and communicate on key discussion points serves to resolve conflict before it begins.

Getting to Know You

The Enneagram session provides important insight in understanding as to how personality impacts relationships. Examining relationship dynamics allows for deeper understanding, increases empathy and reduces conflict.

Personal Financial Management

Financial issues are one of the top causes of marriage conflict. A Christian Financial Planner will lead the discussion on relevant topics such as spending habits, creating a budget, dual versus single incomes, and more. Communicating regarding a solid financial plan is crucial to harmony in any marriage.


How does your fight reflect your faith? Healthy conflict may very well be the key to a healthy marriage. Couples who fight fair grow in intimacy.

Sexuality in Marriage

Few subjects are more misunderstood today. Learn how sexuality and spirituality are related and, when adequately understood, brings incredible fulfillment in this vital aspect of your relationship.

Online Marriage Assessment

CCfC includes a quality online assessment that serves as a valuable communication tool for couples. The inventory covers more than two dozen key dimensions of the marriage relationship.