COVID-19: Hope on the Rise

A special online experience

One year ago we were thrown into this unexpected storm of a world pandemic that impacted nearly everything about our daily lives… our families, health, emotions, social lives, and our church. It’s felt like we’ve been tossed around in violent waters from a storm that hit us out of nowhere. And throughout it all, over this past year, we have hung on together to some of the most important things that anchor us. Jesus has been an anchor for us and He has shown us that no storm, no upheaval can uproot us. We’re here because He is an anchor that never moves. As we look toward the horizon, beyond this storm, let’s be reminded that the same one who anchored us in the storm is captaining the ship as we move ahead. This is our time to be filled with the Spirit and to trust God’s faithfulness in a powerful way. God’s already on the move… let’s join Him.

Streaming Details:
Wednesday, March 10
7 PM